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The Office of the Municipal Agriculture as provided in Section 482 of the Local Government Code is mandated to formulate measures, develop and implement programs, projects and deliver basic services relative to agriculture and fishery development.



A Municipal Agriculture Office recognized for effective management system that would stimulate food security, poverty alleviation and people empowerment.



To foster prosperous and sustainable agriculture and fishing industries through the delivery of quality extension services and appropriate technology compatible to environment integrity.



Effective implementation of agricultural and fishery programs through improved food production and increased farmers/fisherfolks income.


Anti-Rabies Vaccination for Animals

Assistance in the Organization and Registration of Primary Cooperatives

Assistance to Farmers and Fisherfolks Associations in Availing Free Farm Machineries and Fishing Boats and Gears from the National Government (Department of Agriculture and Its Attached Bureaus)

Assistance to Farmers and Fisherfolks in Availing Free Agricultural and Fishery Inputs from the National Government (Department of Agriculture and Its Attached Bureaus)

Crops, Livestock, and Fishing Boat Insurance

Financial Assistance through the Plant Now Pay Later Loan Program

Fishing Boat Registration for Three (3) Gross Tonnages and Below

Registration of Farmers and Fisherfolks on Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA)

Strengthening/Maintenance of Association, Federation and Council (Farmers and Fishermen Associations, Rural Improvement Clubs, Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council, Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council)

Technical Assistance on Crops, Livestock, and Fish Production

Tilapia Fingerlings Dispersal Program and Technical Assistance

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