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RHU: (046) 438-2618 / TB DOTS: 0927-377-6659 / LYING-IN: 0917-707-0637

MESU: 0917-804-3593 / ANIMAL BITE: 0975-957-2391 


Develop plans, strategies and guidelines for health program implementation, rules and regulations for the operation of the municipal health office upon approval of the mayor. Provide technical assistance and support to the mayor in carrying out health related activities and projects. Formulate measures for consideration of the Sanggunian.


Empowered Tanzanian with access to excellent health services.



To provide quality health services that is accessibly affordable, sustainable, acceptable, available and appropriate through skilled, efficient and committed health workers and supporting Local Chief Executive and other stakeholders towards a healthy, self sustaining community of Tanza by the year 2020. 


Medical and Health Services


Animal Bite Treatment Center

Anti-Leprosy Drugs

Anti-TB Drugs / Treatment Under DOTS Program

Cervical Cancer Program

Counseling Services to Adolescent

Dental Services

Disease Prevention Program for Non-Communicable Diseases

Family Planning Service

HIV /AIDS Counseling and Testing

Immunization Services

Issuance of Certificate of Water Potability (Water Providers, Subdivision, Water Refilling Stations, and Food Establishment)

Issuance of Health and Medical Certificate

Issuance of Laboratory Results

Issuance of Quarantine Clearance

Issuance of Result of Infectious Disease Test Done Through the Municipal Epidemiologic Surveillance Unit (MESU)

Issuance of Sanitary Permit

Issuance of X-Ray Results

Normal Spontaneous Delivery Service

Outpatient Consultation Services

Postnatal Care Service

Prenatal Care Service

Preparation of Death Certificate

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